Structure of Market Report | Body of Report in Business Communication

Structure of Market Report is a market report has a certain structure. It is presented in a systematic format so that the readers can easily grasp the information it contains. The structure or format or different parts of a market report are discussed below- Structure of Market Report Introduction: It is an important part of… Read More »

Elements of a Market Report in Business Communication

Elements of a Market Report A market report contains the information on demand, supply, price, quantity, quality of a product or service in a particular area or place during a particular time period. It is a statement about any market item which reveals its overall market situation. It contains some unique elements that give it… Read More »

Functions of Non Verbal Communication in Business

Functions of Non Verbal Communication There are various types of non verbal communication methods, each of which has certain function or objective. Non verbal communication has multipurpose functions. Some of them are discussed below- Functions of Non Verbal Communication Sign or Marks of Identity: Non verbal communication also functions as the sign or marks of… Read More »

What is a Business? Definition of Business Scope

What is a Business? definition of business and Scope of business. Business could be a term with a really wide which means. It refers to an activity of individuals operating for the aim of manufacturing and distributing product and services at a profit. An enterprise creates utilities by production of products and services to satisfy… Read More »