Advantages of Interview and Disadvantages of Interview in Business Communication

By | September 15, 2017

Advantages of Interview and Disadvantages of Interview, Interview is an important media of oral communication which provides various advantages to us. The benefits or advantages of interview are discussed below-

Advantages of Interview

  • Quick Rapport: Through interview quick rapport can be established with other parties. Here both the parties get the opportunity to exchange views and information directly with each other. It helps them build a mutual relationship easily and quickly.
  • Selection of Suitable Candidate: Employment interview helps people and organizations to select suitable candidates for the vacant posts. It provides the opportunity to evaluate candidates by asking different questions to measure their celebrity.
  • Increasing Goodwill of the Company: Interview helps the company to enhance it goodwill. If it is conducted with accountability and transparency it will build and increase the image of the organization to the people.
  • Proper Understanding: In interviewing process, both the interviewer and the interviewee come close to each other and it creates quick understanding between them. Moreover, if any party fails to understand his opponent, he gets the chance here to clarify.
  • Employee Counseling: Providing counseling to the mentally distressed or stressed employee is an important objective of interview. Through problem interview, the problem employees are given necessary suggestions and counseling in required areas so that they can improve their performance in their respective work area.
  • Reducing Grievances: There may be grievances with the employees that must be reduced immediately. Managers hold talks with the employees to learn their grievances and take step to mitigate those in effective way. So, employee grievances are reduced by interview.
  • Time Saving: Interview saves time as quick communication is possible to establish here. In other word, it does not waste time as there is no scope of misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Less Costly: Interview is a least cost communication in nature as it does not require huge instrumental arrangements. It can be done at a minimum cost that saves money of the organization.
  • Easy Correction of Information: Interview if there is any wrong presentation of information, it can be corrected instantly. This is a great advantage of interview.
  • Monitoring or Reviewing Performance: Employee performance is monitored or reviewed by performance appraisal interview. Managers arrange such interview at a certain time interval to get feedback of their performance and to find out gap between the target and the actual figure.
  • Motivating Employees: Through interview mangers try to persuade the employees to improve their performance in respective areas. Short interview or oral communication with employees becomes a routine job of supervisor to motivate them to achieve desire target.
  • Direct Interaction: Interview is very much direct or straight that helps to establish rapport quickly. The parties involved here exchange message directly without using any media that, in fact reduces noise.Advantages of Interview and Disadvantages of Interview

From the above discussion we find that interview provides several advantages for us. In fact the advantages of interview depend on its type, interviewer, interviewee, objective of interview etc.

Disadvantages of Interview

Every communication has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. Interview has the following limitations or drawbacks-

  • Time Constrain: Every interview has a certain time limit and the interviewee is to do everything within the stipulated time duration. Due to limited time interviewee may forget to mention important points. So, time constrain is a major disadvantage of interview.
  • Possibility of Personal Influence: The result of interview can be highly influenced by the personal interference of the interviewer or by someone acting behind. Moreover the attitude, perception, emotion etc. of the interviewer also influence the interview.
  • Evaluation of Subjective Aspects: Interview provides the opportunity to assess the subjective aspects of the interviewee only, objective evaluation of the candidates is not possible here.
  • Hidden Agenda: If there is any hidden agenda or shared attitude between the interviewer and the interviewee, the objective of the interview will be futile. Sometimes, the result of interview is predetermined or influenced by some big boss who goes against the objectivity of interview.
  • Much Attention: Interview requires much attention from both the interviewer and the interviewee in order to make it effective. If any of the parties loses attention, it will be ineffective.
  • Halo Effect: The objectivity of interview may be heavily influenced by halo effect. Halo effect occurs when the interviewer holds a fixed opinion about the interviewee by observing his appearance, speaking style etc. either negative or positive. This type of attitude completely goes against the authenticity of interview.
  • Absence of Written Form: Interview doses not produce any written document and that’s why there is no evidence of what has been discussed in the interview. The absence of written form of interview often creates confusion in the future.

So, we find that interview has some limitations. But if these can be overcome it can be a powerful means of communication.

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