Purposes of Interview in Business Communication | Objective of Interview

By | June 11, 2017

Purposes of Interview or Objective of Interview is one of the major media of oral communication. It is used for different reasons. The purposes of interview are discussed below-

Purposes of Interview

Advising: Interviewer provides necessary advices to the interviewee or to the concerned people through interview. Advices are given so that they can improve or overcome the existing situation.

Increasing Understanding: Interview help to increase the understanding of the parties in different areas. Interview is one kind of open discussion session where all the parties exchange their views, news, opinions and suggestions freely. This openness nature of interview helps the concerned parties to increase their level of understanding and minimize misunderstanding. Business Communication

Measuring Stress: Measuring employee stress is an important purpose of interview. In stress interview the interviewee is put into difficulties in order to test his reaction to stress situations. It is used for selecting persons for posts in which the person must be able to face difficult situations without getting upset.Purposes of Interview

Finding Out of the Best Candidate: The objective of employment interview is to find out the best candidate from the potential ones. In such interview candidates are asked different questions for testing their qualities.

Objective of Interview

Monitoring or Reviewing Performance: Employee performance is monitored or reviewed by performance appraisal interview. Managers arrange such interview at a certain time interval to get feedback of their performance and to find out gap between the target and the actual figure.

Reducing Grievances: There may be grievance with the employees that must be reduced immediately. Managers hold talks with the employees to learn their grievances and take step to mitigate those in effective way. So, reducing employee grievance is another important objective of interview.

Exchanging Information: One of the main objectives of interview is to exchange information. Interview both the interviewer and the interviewee exchange their opinions, views, attitudes, facts etc.

Persuading: Another important purpose of interview is to persuade the interviewee to provide particular answers of the questions to be asked. The interviewer motivates the interviewee to reveal all of his potentialities in the interview.

Correcting or Reprimanding: In reprimand in interview the manager criticizes an employee severely by taking him to his room for some undesirable statement or action. The objectives of such interview are to improve the work performance of the employees, to prevent the recurrence of such offences and to protect the other employees from the malaise of anti-organizational behavior.

Solving Problems: Interview provides solution to a specific problem. In interview, the interviewer and the interviewee exchange their ideas, opinions, feelings, attitude and perception toward the issue and thus solution of the problem becomes easy to find.

Counseling: Providing counseling to the mentally distressed or stressed employee is an important objective of interview. Through problem interview, the problem employees are given necessary suggestion and counseling in required areas so that they can improve their performance in their performance in their respective work area.

From the above discussion it is clear that an interview does not take place just to ask some questions to the interviewee rather it serves some important purposes. Of course the objective of interview largely depends on its category or type. There are more information about How to Speak Effectively in Business Communication.

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