Advantages of Upward Communication in Business

By | September 4, 2015

Advantages of Upward Communication or, merits of upward communication of upward communication or the importance of upward communication is gradually increasing with the introduction of participatory management system in the organizations. Upward communication offers various advantages. The importance of upward communication is discussed below through its various advantages and disadvantages of upward communication:

Advantages of Upward Communication

  • Providing Feedback: Upward communication provides the management with necessary feedback. The management is able to ascertain whether the directives issued to the lower level employees have been properly understood and followed. It also gets valuable information on what the employees think of the organization and its policies.
  • Effective Decision Making: In order to take better decision, management requires getting information on various issues and also the opinions of the subordinates. Subordinates supply the information and their opinions through upward communication that helps the management to make decision easier and quick. Business Communication
    Advantages of Upward Communication

Upward Communication in business

  • Constructive Suggestions: Through upward communication, employees often offer constructive suggestions to promote the welfare of the organization. Most of the time the suggestions and opinions of the subordinates prove beneficial.
  • Motivating: Upward communication system encourages the lower-level employees to express their opinions and suggestions to the superiors that, in fact, act as a motivational tool.
  • Easier Introduction of New Schemes: In upward communication system, the subordinates feel themselves as a part of decision making process. Hence, management can introduce new schemes without the resistance of the employees.
  • Sharing Emotion: Upward communication acts as a bridge of sharing emotion between the employees and management. It gives the employees as opportunity to vent their problems and grievances. The subordinates can share their feelings with the management because of the presence of upward communication.
  • Greater Harmony and Cohesion: Upward communication acts as a kind of lubricant. It makes congenial atmosphere in the organization and creates greater harmony and cohesion between the management and the employees.

From the above discussion, it is clear that upward communication offers a number of advantages for the organization that helps achieving organizational goals and objectives. There are more information about Major Forms of Upward Communication in Business.

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