Disadvantages of Upward Communication in Business

Disadvantages of Upward Communication Like other communication methods, upward communication system also has some disadvantages. The disadvantages of upward communication and Advantages of Upward Communication in Business are discussed below- Limitations of upward communication, demerits of upward communication.

  • Lack of Initiative: Subordinates are usually reluctant to make initiative for upward communication. The managers might keep their doors open, but they cannot force the employees to walk into their room. So, upward communication may hamper the merit-searching process of the organization. Business Communication
  • Fear of Adverse Effect: Employees often feel that if they communicate their problems to their superiors, it may adversely reflect on their own efficiency. If a supervisor faces some problems in getting cooperation from his works workers and points it out to the departmental manager, the latter departmental manager might feel that the supervisor himself is incompetent. If a clerk who has just jointed the office complains that the filing system of the office is in total disarray, his just joined the office complains that the filing system of the office is in total disarray, his supervisor may think that the clerk himself is to efficient enough to handle filing properly.
  • Risk of Distortion: Upward communication is more prone to distortion than downward communication. In downward communication, distortion is often unconscious but in upward communication, message or information is deliberately distorted. Usually employees are reluctant t send critical or unpalatable information upward.

Disadvantage of Upward Communication

  • By-Passing: In upward communication, there is a high risk f by-passing. A sometimes subordinate directly approaches the top most authority with their opinions or suggestions or suggestions or complains ignoring their immediate top boss. This proves harmful in two ways-the officers who have been by-passed feel slighted; while the high-ups get suspicious of the worker’s intentions. As a result the relations between the workers and their immediate supervisors get sainted that hampers the entire working situation.
  • Flattery: Sometimes the subordinates try to satisfy their boss with the information they desire to get. This type of flattery and misleading information hamper organizational efficiency in the long run.

In fine, it can be said that whatever the demerits are, the importance of upward communication method can never be underestimated. Thee are more information about What is Upward Communication in Business?

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