What is Reply Letter? Rules for Drafting Reply Letter

By | June 30, 2016

What is Reply Letter, Inquiry Letter, Definition of reply letter -The letter written in response to the inquiry letter is called the reply letter. Inquires must be replied promptly, even if the reply is a negative one.

What is Reply Letter

According to Quible and Others, “Letter of reply to inquiries are messages that provide the reader with information about products, services and persons.”

So, a reply letter answer letter written in response to the inquiry letter. The reply letter should be written as early as possible. A prompt reply suggests that the seller is fully conversant with business etiquette and has a genuine respect for the buyer and his interest. Business Communication

In most of the cases, inquiry letter is written for price quotation and that is why the reply of such letter can be considered as sending quotation. Specimen, Sample of Reply Letter or Quotation letter-
What is Reply Letter

Rules for Drafting Inquiry Reply Letter

Enquiries must be replied promptly, even if the reply is a negative one. If the reply is favorable, tell the inquirer the good news immediately. If the reply is negative, apply an indirect approach. Drafting a reply letter or quotation letter is not an easy task. Since it is considered as a sales letter, it must be written with due care. The following rules should be taken into consideration while drafting a reply or quotation letter.

  • Refer to the date and reference number of the letter.
  • Thank the party for his letter and show appreciation for his interest in your company, its products or service.
  • Sincerely answer all the questions in the letter of inquiry.
  • Add relevant information in the form of a short description of goods, prices, advantages, favorable terms etc.
  • Mention the mode and terms of payment, place and time of delivery, method of transport, charges on account of sales tax, octroi, freight and insurance and packing and forwarding charges.
  • State the time for which the offer is valid if time is an important factor.
  • State whether the price list, catalog, sample etc. are enclosed or they are being sent separately.
  • Use some sales talk to stimulate the interest of the buyer.
  • Show your willingness to serve or help the customer in the future.
  • Close the reply letter with warm a friendly wordings.

From the above mentioned points we can easily assume that we are to consider a lot of things while drafting a good reply latter. A properly drafted reply letter always wings the hearts of the receivers. There is more information about What is Mass Communication in Business?

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