Role of Business Communication in Management

Role of Business Communication in Management -Business Communication and Management are closely related to each other. Business Communication is considered as the lifeblood of Management. Management can do nothing without Business Communication. The basic Management functions like Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling, Supervising, Motivating, Coordination etc. are done through timely and accurate information provided by Business Communication. In fact communication is a great weapon of Management. The relationship between Management and Business Communication can be better understood by the following points of :

Role of Business Communication in Management

Communication and Decision Making: Management is to take decision in different areas for the smooth functioning of the organization activities. Business Communication helps Management take proper and timely decision by providing information in relevant areas.

Communication and Execution of Plans: Plans are made to perform the Business activities efficiently and planning requires gathering necessary information. Business Communication helps collecting the relevant data from different sources. After the plan has been prepared, it requires implementation and Business Communication plays vital role in the execution of plans by circulating them among the officers and employees and by giving them necessary directions.

Communication and Mutual Understanding and Co-operation: Effective Business Communication between the Management and the employees helps to bring about an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence. if the employees known exactly what is expected from them and if the Management is aware of the potentialities and limitations of the employees both sides will get better returns. so, effective Business Communication is must for promoting a spirit of understanding and co-operation.

Communication and Planning: Planning is one of the most important Management functions. Business Communication facilitates the planning process by supplying information, opinions, ideas, logistics etc. from various quarters within and outside the organization. Without proper Business Communication no effective plan can be made and carried out.

Communication and Elimination of Rumors: In an organization there are different types of people. Sometimes there may be rumors or fake information may be leaked out that creates unrest among employees. If there is well established Business Communication system, Management can continuously keep in touch with the employees about every change in the organization that reduces the rumors.

Communication and Motivation: Motivating the employees to respond desirably is another important function of Business Communication. In organizational communication, the major task of Business Communication is to motivate the employees to work harmoniously to attain organizational objectives.
Role of Business Communication in Management
Communication and Raising Employee Morale: Morale is the individual and collective spirit and moral condition of employees with regard to discipline and confidence. Low morale makes the employees idle and frustrated. Management always ties to raise the morale of employees through Business Communication to that they think that they are important for the organization.

Communication and Controlling: Controlling is an important function of Management and Business Communication plays vital role in this controlling process. Business Communication provides information to the top executive on different issues that helps the Management establish a well managed controlling system in the organization.

Communication and Developing Industrial Relations: Industrial relation means the relation between the employer and employee. A good labor-Management relation is a precondition for achieving organizational success but the harmonious relations between employer and employee can be ensured only by exchanging regular information between them.

Communication and Co-ordination: In this age of specialization, there are various departments in an organization like planning, production, marketing, administration etc. if these departments do not communicate with one another as well as with the Management, there will be no co-ordination among them. For example, when production is fully geared up, the storage department may report shortage of raw materials due to lack of co-ordination. So, Business Communication is inevitable in the organization for bringing co-ordination among the various departments.

Communication and Counseling: Counseling is an organized and specialized form of advice. Counseling is objective, impersonal and professional. A number of large Business Organizations have their counseling departments. Services of specialists are engaged for this purpose and employees receive free medical advice, legal advice and vocational guidance etc.

Communication and Achievement of Targets: Every Business organization accumulates its efforts to carry out certain goals or targets. Proper Business Communication system encourages the employees of very level by providing relevant information. Instructions and directions. It helps the Management to make the employees committed towards the attainment of organizational objectives.

Communication and Directing the Subordinates: The subordinates of an organization need necessary directions and orders from their superiors for better job performance. so, Business Communication is required for directing the subordinates.

Communication and Creating Image: Business Communication creates image of the organization by linking various parties that helps the organization to survive in the competitive environment.

Form the above discussion, it can be said that no Business organization can run its activites effectively and efficiently without a proper Business Communication system. It is considered as the nervous system of organization and it plays pivotal role in performing Management functions. Without Communication Management cannot do it activities even a day. So, we can say the Business Communication is closely related with Management in various ways and they go simultaneously. Here you will get more information about What is Business Communication Process? | Process of Communication

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