The Functions of Business Communication

Functions of Business Communication is the process of transferring information and understanding from one or more people to one or more people. And in the process of exchanging information several functions are performed. The functions of Business Communication or function of communication are discussed below:

Functions of Business Communication

Helping in Planning: Planning is one of the most important Management functions. Business Communication facilitates the planning process by supplying information, logistics, opinions, ideas etc. from various quarters within and outside the organization. Without proper communication, no effective plan can be made and carried out.

Managing Co-ordination and Co-operation: There are various departments in an organization and co-ordination between and among these departments is a must for establishing a congenial atmosphere within the organization. Business Communication facilitates co-operation by linking the various departments through appropriate information. Better understanding and co-operation ensure co-ordination and communication enhances the process of co-ordination by supplying necessary information.

Initiating Inspiration: Managers create inspiration among the employees through Business Communication. The top leadership always tries to dictate the subordinates so that they can work with full preparation to achieve organizational objectives.

Motivating: Motivating the receiver to respond desirably is another important function of Business Communication. In organizational communication, the major task of communication is to motivate the employees to work harmoniously to attain organizational objectives.

Helping in Decision Making: Management is to take decision in different areas for the smooth functioning of the organizational activities. Business Communication helps Management take proper and timely decision by providing information in relevant areas.
Functions of Business Communication

Activities of Business Communication

Conveying Message: The most important function of Business Communication is to convey the message from the sender to the receiver. The sender sends his concepts, emotion, feelings, thoughts etc. to the receiver through the communication system. Message can be conveyed to the target audience through communication in different ways.

Performance Evaluation: Evaluation of performance is another important function of Business Communication. Communication is used as the weapon of measuring the performance of every person or department working for the organization. If there is any deviation between the set standard and the actual performance, the supervisors clarify the subordinates by referring corrective actions through communication.

Creating Image: Business Communication creates image of the organization by linking various parties that helps the organization to survive in the competitive environment.

Publicizing Goods and Services: Publicizing goods and services is one of the important functions of Business Communication. Radio, Newspapers, Cinema Slides, Television, Journals, Neon Sign etc. carry out the messages of products and services to the actual and potential customers. Thus, Business Communication helps publicizing products and services.

Controlling: Controlling is another important function of Management and Business Communication plays vital role in this controlling process. Communication provides information to the top executive on different issues that helps the Management establish a well managed controlling system in the organization.

In fine, it can be said that the function of Business Communication are multipurpose and vital. The success of any organization and its business largely depends upon the success of its Business Communication system. There are more information about Importance of Communication in Business

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