The Purposes of Business Communication Objectives

Business Communication Objectives The main Purpose of Business Communication Objectives of business communication is to achieve the desired goal of the organization by leading its activities effectively and efficiently. Effective communication is needed at all the stages in order to ensure organizational welfare. The purposes or objectives of business communication can be discussed precisely through the follow points:

Business Communication Objectives

Warning and Notice: Warning and notice are given in special circumstances. If employees do not abide by the norms of the organization, or violate the rules and regulations, it may become necessary to warn and notice them. Warning a notice can be given orally or written.

Counseling: Counseling is an organized and specialized form of advice. Counseling is objective, impersonal and professional. A number of large business organizations have their counseling departments. Service of specialists is engaged for this purpose and employees receive free medical advice, legal advice and vocational guidance etc.
Directing the subordinates: The subordinates of an organization need necessary directions and orders from their superiors for better job performance. So, Business Communication is required for directing the subordinates. Orders or directions dominate the downward flow of information.

Soliciting Suggestion: Soliciting suggestions from employees regarding certain aspects is another important objective of Business Communication. Now-a-days progressive organizations make a provision for suggestion boxes that are placed at some convenient places in the office or the factory. Because an opportunity to make suggestions about their work is highly valued ny employees.

Persuading: Persuasion means an effort to influence the attitudes, feelings or beliefs of others. It is an important objective of Business Communication. Organizations persuade buyers to buy their products and services. In the office or in the factory, the lazy, incompetent and dissatisfied workers have to be persuaded to their works and only business communication can do this act of persuasion.

Motivating Employees: Motivation energizes and activates a person and directs his behavior toward the attainment of desired goals. Managers must constantly try to improve performance in the workplace by motivating the staff. Business Communication has been considered as the critical element in motivating employees. Managers use Communication to improve employees’ sense of self-worth by showing recognition. Appreciating good work a providing several other incentives or benefits.
Business Communication Objectives

Purposes of Business Communication

Meaning Coordination and Cooperation: Every organization is to maintain coordination among its various departments and co-operation must come from every person working in the organization for the smooth functioning of its activities. Business Communication helps the maintenance of co-ordination and cooperation by supplying information on time.

Advising: Another important objective of communication is giving advice to respective person. By its very nature, advice flows horizontally or downwards or sometimes upwards. Advice may be given on matters related to work or on personal matters if the relationship permits. Advice is likely to be subjective since it involves personal opinions.

Exchange of Information: Exchange of information (passing or receiving) about a particular fact or circumstance is one of the most important objectives of communication. It can be done either through spoken or written language or by using any other system of signs or signals. An organization is to exchange information among the people inside and outside it. Managers need complete, accurate and precise information to plan and organize and on the other hand, employees need it to translate planning into reality.

Formulation and Execution of Plans: Formulating and implementing plans both are important for an organization in this modern world of competition. And information plays a vital role in both cases and Business Communication is the only way to flow the required information. So, providing information to the Management to formulate and execute plans in another important objective of Communication.

Developing Industrial Relations: Industrial relation means the relation between the employer and employee. A good labor-Management relation is a precondition for achieving organizational success. But the harmonious relations between employer and employee can be ensured only by exchanging regular information between them. So, developing a regular good industrial relation is another important objective of Business Communication.

Raising morale: Raising morale is an important objective of Business Communication. Morale is the individual and collective spirit and moral condition of employees with regard to discipline and confidence. Management always tries to raise the morale of employees through Business Communication so that they think that they are important for the organization.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that Business Communication serves multi-dimensional purposes in an organization and it is inevitably necessary for each and every organization. There are more information about Principles of Business Communication | 7Cs of Communication.

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