What is Electronic Communication in Business? Types

By | October 15, 2015

What is Electronic Communication the term e-communication has been widely used since the emancipation of information technology at the early phase of the beginning of the new millennium. Now-a-days modern means of technology are used widely in communicating with other parties. The use of computer devices has eased and sped up the communication takes place with the help of electronic devices like computer and other means, it is called e-communication. It is mainly based on computer. Definition of Electronic Communication, Types of Electronic Communication, Meaning of electronic communication, Media of Electronic Communication below here-

What is Electronic Communication

According to Bovee & Others, “Electronic communications the transmission of information using advanced techniques such as computer modems, facsimile machines, voice mail, electronic mail, teleconferencing, video-cassettes and private television network.”

In fine, it can be said that E-communication means the communication system where information is conveyed by the use of the devices of information technology. Business Communication What is Electronic Communication

Media or Types of Electronic Communication

With the revolutionary development of information technology, the world is becoming smaller and people staying at any corner are well-capable of communicating with others, whatever the distance is people and organizations use different modern devices of communication technology. Some widely used electronic communication technologies or media of electronic communication are discussed below-

  • Telephone: The most commonly and most widely used electronic device of communication is telephone. With its invention in 1876 by Graham Bell, a German scientist, the human civilization moved to a new era. By telephone, people can transmit information orally within a minute. Recently-developed satellite telephoning system has added new dimension in telecommunication system. In most of the cases, it is the easiest and less expensive way of communicating distance people. Now-a-days, the development and diffuse of cellular or mobile phone have been an expected euphoria to all of us. Definitely it is becoming extremely popular.
  • Telex: Telex is an important device of modern communication technology. Under this system, a tele-printer is used by which information can be communicated form one place to another with the help of a machine. The tele-printer consists of two parts keyboard transmitter and receiver. When a message is to be sent, the typist presses a button, waits for the dial tone, dials the number desired and types the massage. The message is typed on a small strip of paper at the receiver’s end as it is typed in the originating office. This is one of the quickest and most accurate methods of exchanging written messages.
  • Facsimile or Fax: The use of fax a gradually increasing for transmitting visual materials such as picture, diagrams, illustrations etc. here, the fax machine is connected with a telephonic. The document to be transmitted is fed through the machine, then it is electronically scanned and signals are transmitted to the receiving end where an identical copy of the document is reproduced on a bland sheet of paper by the receiving machine. The fax machine has made it possible to send copies of important documents including certificates, testimonials, degrees, agreements; contracts etc. form one place to another at the speed of a telephone call. For this reason, it is universally used method of communication.
  • Electronic Mail or E-Mail: E-mail is one of the most widely used and most popular methods of modern communication system. E-mail involves sending message via telecommunicating links. Here two computer terminals are connected together on network to transfer messages from one to another. The message is typed on a computer screen at one end and is conveyed to the other end through electric impulses. The receiver can easily get the message by opening his mailbox in his computer. Because of its various advantages, now-a-days, e-mail is used by the organizations for internal as well as external communication.
  • Voice Mail or V-Mail: Voice mail is a form of e-mail. It is used to send the voice of the sender instead of sending written massage to the receiver. The mechanism of sending message here is almost same as in case of e-mail. It is useful to communicate with the original voice tone of the sender.
  • Tele-Text: Tele-Text is an electronic device of broadcasting written massages through television. Tele-text is widely used to present strict and concise information when it is to be sent to a large number of audiences at a time. Business reports, stock market or exchange reports, weather reports etc are useful to present through tele-text.
  • Video-text: Video-text is a device of collecting and storing information. Here information is collected by using telecommunication network and is broadcasted to the audience like the tele-text. Important massage or information or report can be preserved by videotext.
  • Teleconferencing: Under teleconferencing system people staying at different places can hold talks or meetings over telephone. Here everyone involved in the meeting is able to hear each other and can share information with one another as if they were all placed in one room. It can save both money and time of the executives.
  • Videoconferencing: Videoconferencing is the latest version of teleconferencing system. Under this method people can meet and work together without being gathered in one room. They can hear and see each other over the television or video screen and can share information with one another. Now-a-days multinational companies use videoconferencing method as a widely used means of communication in order to keep touch with the executives staying miles away from the head office. It also saves money and time of high officials.
  • Word Processor: A word processor in an electronic device where a computer is combined with a typewriter. It can greatly simplify the job of written communication. Typing skill, basic computer literacy and word processing software are essential for using a word processor. The operator of a word processor can easily edit the text, give it the desired format and insert or delete words phrase or sentences wherever he likes. It is a very useful medium of modern communication technology as it provides some important advantages.
  • Internet: Internet is the latest and most amazing development that has changed the way of live regarding communication. It is the world’s largest computer network linked together by telephone lines, radio links or satellite links. Internet can be used for multipurpose functions. It can be used for sending e-mail, for advertisement, for teleconferencing, for telephoning and so on.
  • Multimedia: Multimedia is an excellent invention for upgrading the communication system. Multimedia is a combination of many media brought together to transfer messages. These media can include graphics, photo, music, voice, text and animation. When all of these elements are placed together or computer screen, they become multimedia. It can be effectively used for advertising and publicity campaigns. It is very powerful means of communication.

From the above discussion it is clear that the modern communication devices have given a new shape in the entire information communication system. Whatever new device is developed, the main objective behind it is to expedite communication and to save cost. It can be imagined that some unimaginable inventions may take place in future to add newer dimension to communication system. There is more information about What is Small Group Communication Business?

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