What is Employment Interview? Types of Employment Interview

What is Employment Interview is The most important and widely used interview type is employment interview or selection interview or job interview. This type of interview is conducted to find out potential suitable candidates for the vacant positions. It is one kind of formal and face to face communication or conversation between the job seeker and the employer. An important objective of employment interview is to assess the suitability of candidates for a particular job. There are meaning of employment interview, definition of employment interview, Types of Employment Interview, Objectives of Employment Interview discuses below-

What is Employment Interview

According to Boone and Others, “A job interview is generally a face to face encounter between a recruiter and a candidate in which the recruiter delves into the candidate’s background, skills, job objectives, interests and attitude; in turn the candidate asks questions about the positin and the recruiting company.”

Gary Dessler said, “A selection interview is a selection procedure designed to predict future job performance and the basis of applicant’s oral responses to oral inquiries.”

In the opinion of W. B. Werther and K. Davis, “The selection interview is a formal, in depth conversation conducted to evaluate the applicant’s acceptability.”

From the above discussion we can say that interview that takes place between the job seeker and the probable employer can be termed as employment interview or selection interview. The objective of such interview is to assess the suitability of candidates for a particular job.What is Employment Interview

Objectives of Employment Interview or Selecting Interview

The prime objective of employment interview is to assess the suitability of candidates for a particular job. It has some other purposes also. The objectives of selection interviews are mentioned below- Business Communication

  • To find out the most suitable candidates for the job
  • To give the candidates sufficient information about the job and the company so that they can decide whether the job will suit them
  • To inform the candidates about the mission, vision, goals, corporate culture, policies, values etc.
  • To create a sense of confidence and understanding in the selected candidates
  • To unearth the attitude, views, interests and enthusiasm of candidates towards the job and toward the company
  • To promote the goodwill of the company by giving the right kind of impression to all the candidates
  • To test the knowledge, skill and aptitude of the candidates

Types of Employment Interview

Interviews are conducted by using different techniques. Organizations use selection interview technique that they think well. A few basic techniques of employment interview or selection interview are discussed below-

  • Screening: When the number of applicants for any job is very large, most of the firms screen the applications to weed out unsuitable candidates. Then some more candidates are eliminated through a preliminary interview. Only very few candidate who are really good are called for the final interview.
  • Random Appearance: Some interviews will believe that the man is more important than the application. They want to judge a man by his personal appearance rather than on the basis of his application. So they call every application for interview. This method is very helpful to select brilliant candidate, but it is usually expensive and time-consuming.
  • Test: Now-a-days a large number of firms emphasize on taking written or oral test to judge intelligence, general knowledge, proficiency in language etc. of the candidate. Candidates who qualify these are invited for final interview.
  • Experience: Some employers believe that practical experience is more important than paper qualifications. So they do not call fresh candidates for interview. This is not a sound policy because some fresher are really brilliant, enthusiastic and committed.
  • Stress Interview: This is a special type of interview used to ascertain how a candidate will prove himself under conditions of exceptional stress and strain. Here the candidate is exposed to embarrassing questions and provoked in various ways to find out whether he is able to manage or work with such conditions. This kind of interview is useful to select candidates for the posts that require great presence of mind and calmness of temperament.
  • Depth Interview: Depth interview is such types of interview where the candidates are screened form various aspects. In this interview candidate’s academic qualifications, working experience, health condition, aptitude, stress etc. are considered overall. It is an expensive and lengthy interviewing method.

So, a good number of employment interviewing techniques are available for the employer’s form where they can select the best one as they think. There is more information about What is Interview in Business? How to Conduct Interview Effectively

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