What is Nonverbal Communication in Business?

What is Nonverbal Communication without using words in known as non-verbal communication. It is not a word-based communication. It does not use any written or spoken words but uses symbols, body language, color etc. Messages conveyed by most of the non verbal methods are simple and limited, but some methods like maps, charts and grapes are highly developed and can convey complex data and information. Nonverbal communication definition

Non-verbal communication does not always take place separately and independently from verbal communication. In most of the cases, they are complementary or inter-dependent. It may be used alone or as the supplement of verbal communication and it may be visual or aural.

What is Nonverbal Communication

When messages of information is exchanged or communicated without using any spoken or written words is known as nonverbal communication. Non-verbal communication (NVC) is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless message. Non-verbal communication is a powerful arsenal in the face-to-face communication encounters, expressed consciously in the presence of others and perceived either consciously or unconsciously. Business Communication
What is Nonverbal Communication in Business
Much of non-verbal communication is unintentional people are not even aware that they are sending message. Non-verbal communication takes place through gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and physical proximity; touching etc some important definitions of non-verbal communication are as follows:

According to R.V.Lesikar and J.D. Pettit, “Non-verbal communication means all communication that occurs without words as body movements, space, time, touch, voice patterns, color, layout or design of surroundings.”

According to Boone and Others, “Non-verbal communication is communication that takes place through non-verbal cues as through such form of non-vocal communication as gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, clothing and space and through the non-verbal vocal communication known as para language.”

In the opinion of Himstreet and Baty, “Non-verbal communication includes any communication occurring without the use of words.”

In the opinion of Bovee and Others, “Non-verbal communication is the process of communicating without words.”

From the above discussion, we can conclude that nonverbal communication is a non-word based communication method or system where information is exchanged through some non-verbal cues like eye contact, body language, proteomics, time language, physical context etc.

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