What is Small Group Communication Business?

By | October 11, 2015

What is Small Group Communication and Objectives of small group communication When more than two people gather themselves for some purposes, it is called small group and when more than two people involve themselves in communicating a message, it is called small group communication. The number of the members of small group varies between five to nine, though there is no hard and fast rule of determining the number. Definition of small Group Communication, Meaning of small group communication discussed below-

What is Small Group Communication

According to Brilhart and Galanes, “Small group communication is the interaction of a small group of people to achieve an interdependent goal.”

Stewart Tubs said, “Small group communication is the process by which three or more members of a group exchange verbal and non-verbal messages in an attempt to influence another.”

From the above discussion we can say that when a small group of people involve in exchanging information related to their mutual interests, it is termed as small group communication. The participants of such group may represent their own individual interests, the interests of their company or the interests of the industry of the profession. Business Communication What is Small Group Communication

Characteristics of Small Groups Communication

There are different types of small groups within and outside the organization. These type of groups have some unique features. The characteristics of small groups are outlined bellow-

  • The number of members of such group usually varies within five to nine.
  • This type of group is formed for a specific purpose.
  • Each member of the group influences and is influenced by other members.
  • Small groups may be formed within and outside the organization.
  • Small groups can take various forms such as: Committee, Board, Team, Task Force, Others.

Objectives of Small Group Communication

Small groups are formed to carry out certain goals. The objectives of small group communication are discussed below-

  • To Make Decisions: Taking decision is an important goal of every communication system and decision requires information. The members of small group provide necessary information so that they can take some pragmatic decisions on specific matters.
  • To Recommend Action: The members of small group communicate to share and provide recommendation for any action.
  • To Generate Ideas: Generation of ideas in an important element of group dynamism. The members of the group communicate in order to generate ideas for future growth.
  • To Share Feelings: Another objective of small group communication is to exchange the individual feelings of the members to each other. Normally the members of small groups, specially informal ones, gather themselves whenever they get chance to share their feelings, attitude, opinions etc on certain issues.
  • To Exchange Ideas and Information: The prime objective of small group communication is to exchange ideas and information on certain issues. Every small group has some specific objectives and they communicate each other to carry out the objectives.

From the above discussion we find that the members of small groups communicate with each other in order to carry out certain objectives, not just for gossiping or time passing. There is more information about What is Grapevine Communication? Types of Grapevine.

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