What is Two way Communication in Business?

Two way Communication in Business when the sender sends a message to receiver and he (receiver) sends his response to the sender after understanding the message, it is called two-way communication. In other words, two-way Business Communication system is a Communication Process where the receiver sends back his reaction to the sender after receiving the massage. In two way communication process, information flows in two ways. At first, the sender transmits the message to the receiver and then the receiver sends back his reaction or response to the sender as feedback. So, when Business Communication fulfils the provision of feedback, it is called two-way communication. Definition of Two Way Communication, Meaning of Two Way Communication. Importance of Two Way Communication in Business

According to Newstrom and Keith Davis, “Two ways Business Communication has a back and forth pattern. In two-way communication, the speaker sends a message and the receiver’s response comes back to the speaker. The result is a developing play-by-play situation in which the speaker can and should, adjust the next message to fit the previous response of the receiver.”

Two way Communication

When Business Communication Process includes feedback as an essential element, it can be termed as two-way Business Communication. It is a complete communication system because here the message flows from the sender to the receiver and back to the sender. Two-way communication in business can take horizontal as well as vertical pattern as shown in the figure. Most of the business communication in the world is two-way Communication in deed. For example, face to face conversation, telephonic conversation, mail order, letter of inquiry, report to supervisors and so on.
two way communication

Differences between One-way Communication and Two way Communication

There are two types of Business Communication system named as One-way communication and Two-way communication. Though both the communication system transfers message or information, there are certain differences between them. When a message flows from sender to receiver only, it is called one-way communication. Here the sender communicates without expecting any feedback from the receiver. Radio or television programs or policy statements from top executives are examples of one-way communication.

On the other hand, two-way communication occurs when the receiver provides feedback to the sender. Making suggestion to a subordinate, face-to-face conversation, phone calls etc. are examples of two-way communication. Differences between One-way and Two-way Communication The Differences between One-way and Two-way Communication

Differences between One-way and Two way CommunicationThe Differences between One-way and Two way CommunicationFrom the above discussion and comparison, we can conclude that there is gulf of difference between One-way and Two-way communication process. Two-way communication process is a complete communication system and it offers a lot of advantages over One-way communication process. So, every organization should practice Two way communication process instead of One-way Communication process. More Information about Importance of Two Way Communication in Business.

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