What is Written Communication in Business?

What is written communication in Business? or Effective Written Communication when a message is exchanged or communicated in a written form, it is called written communication. It is a word-based communication method. Written Communication / is widely used when the permanency and record of the message are important and when the audience stays at a distance. Definition of written communication, Meaning of written communication.

According to Bovee and others, “Written Communication is the expression of ideas through words that are meant to be read.”

In the opinion of R. Pal and J. S. Korlahali, “Everything that has to be written and transmitted in the written form falls in the area of written communication.”

According to C. B. Memoria, “A written communication is always put into writing and generally used when the audience is at a distance or when a permanency or record is required.”

When communication is widely used in the organizations as the superiors issue instructions, orders, advice etc. to the subordinates in written form, written message is accepted as evidence. It takes different forms lie letters, circulars, memos, notices, reports, minutes, telegrams, manuals etc.

What is Written Communication in Business?

Normally, important, complex and secret messages are communicated in written modes. In real sense, everything that has to be written and transmitted into the written form falls in the area of written communication. Since written message acts as evidence its encoding and decoding must be done with due care.
What is Written Communication in Business-Effective Written Communication

When Written Communication is more effective

The acceptability of Written Communication is widely recognized. It offers some unique advantages that are not available with other communication media. There is no doubt that people spend most of their time in Oral Communication but written communication is especially more effective in some certain situations. In the following cases or areas written communication is more effective and widely preferred to other communication techniques: Business Communication

  • Permanency of Record: Written Communication is more effective when the permanency of record is required. Written documents are used as permanent record and can prove very useful for future reference.
  • Understanding of Complex Message: When the understanding of complex message is highly essential, Written Communication is more effective. Because, here the reader gets the opportunity to read the message again and again till he properly understands it.
  • Legal Document: Written Communication (message) is accepted as a legal document. So, when the legality of document or message is a big question, written communication is preferred.
  • Communicating same Message to a Large Number f Audience: When it is necessary to communicate same message with a large number of audience, it is wise to prefer written communication.
  • Delegation of Authority: It is easier to assign responsibility and to delegate authority among employees through Written Communication. From written message, the employees an better understand their span of activities, extent of authority and the area of responsibility.
  • Wide Application in Some Areas: Written Communication plays vital role in some specific areas where other modes of communication are not effective at all. Organizational policies, objectives, rules and regulations, mission, vision, directions, motivation, production method etc are always kept in written form.

Form the above discussion; we can better understand that despite of some limitations, written communication is more effective in some cases compared to other communication methods. What is Written Communication in Business? Effective Written Communication.

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