Step in Writing an Effective Business Letter in Communication

Effective Business letter is an important medium of exchanging business information among the business people. But writing an effective business letter is not so easy. It requires proper planning, imagination, approach, layout and after all skill of the writer. The following steps are to be followed in drafting an effective business letter: Effective Business letter… Read More »

Objectives of Mass Communication in Business

Objectives of Mass Communication or, purpose of Mass Communication –Mass communication conveys messages to mass people who stay far away from the sender. It is widely used because of its unique characteristics. To carry out definite objectives, it performs various functions. The objectives and functions of mass communication are discussed below- Objectives of Mass Communication… Read More »

Types of Interview in Business Communication | Kinds of Interview | Sorts of Interview

Types of Interview in Business Communication or, Kinds of Interview or, Sorts of Interviews can be classified into various types depending on the objectives, occasions, situations, time, etc. The various types or interviews are mentioned and discussed below- What is Interview? Types of Interview Employment Interview or Selection Interview: The most important and widely used… Read More »

Purposes of Interview in Business Communication | Objective of Interview

Purposes of Interview or Objective of Interview is one of the major media of oral communication. It is used for different reasons. The purposes of interview are discussed below- Purposes of Interview Advising: Interviewer provides necessary advices to the interviewee or to the concerned people through interview. Advices are given so that they can improve… Read More »

How to Speak Effectively in Business Communication

How to speak effectively we know that verbal communication fails into two categories as written communication and oral communication. Clear oral communication speaking effectively requires following the many of the same guidelines as you do for written communication. Some essential guidelines for effective speaking are discussed below- How to Speak Effectively Know What You Want… Read More »