Objectives of Mass Communication in Business

By | August 5, 2018

Objectives of Mass Communication or, purpose of Mass Communication –Mass communication conveys messages to mass people who stay far away from the sender. It is widely used because of its unique characteristics. To carry out definite objectives, it performs various functions. The objectives and functions of mass communication are discussed below-

Objectives of Mass Communication

To Provide Information: The basic objective of mass communication is to provide valuable information to the mass people. Information regarding various fields are sent to the public through mass communication media. What is Business Communication?

To Achieve Goals: An important objective of mass communication is to achieve the desired goals of the organizations by persuading the target audience. Organization uses mass communication media to influence its different stakeholders so that they help it to carry out its objectives.

Promoting Products and Services: Mass communication is heavily used to promote new and existing products and services. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet, etc. mass communication media convey messages related to products and services to the prospective customers. So, mass communication media are considered as an important media of advertisement.

To Create Public Awareness: Creating public awareness on currently important issues is down by mass communication. There are some crucial factors like HIV, AIDS, vaccination, corruption, pollution, population explosion, etc. that require huge public awareness and consciousness. Mass communication helps to do it.Objectives of Mass Communication

To Explain Govt. Policies: Govt. policies related to sensitive national issues are to be explained before public to gain their support. Mass communication media are used to circulate these issues among the people.

To Create Opinion: mass communication is also used to create favorable public opinion towards particular issues. In 1971 mass media played significant role for creating public support for liberation war that in turn sped up our war against Pakistani Junta.

To Create Image of the organizations: Creating the image of products of an organization and itself is an important purpose of mass communication. Organization promulgate their products and services as well as themselves to build or uphold positive image. For example, Dutch Bangle Bank Ltd. has been using different mass media to inform public about its ongoing programs for acid victims.

To Bring Coordination among Departments and Branches: Bringing coordination among the departments and branches of the organization is an important purpose of mass communication. Large organization have various departments and branches and for successful completion of organizational activities, proper coordination among these departments and branches is badly necessary. Mass communication helps large organizations bring coordination by publishing and circulating different information, reports, letters, etc.

To Establish Congenial Labor-management Relationship: A healthy labor-management relationship is an essential element for organizational success. A satisfied worker always tries to do good for the betterment of the organization. If workers are always informed and communicated about the affairs and decisions related to them, they will cooperate the management to attain the goals of the organization. Mass communication helps management establish proper communication channel with the labor that in turn establishes a good labor-management relation.

To Face Rumor: sometimes there may be some rumor of fake information about the product or service or the organization itself. It is harmful for an organization and negatively affects its goodwill. In such case, mass media helps the organization publicize the real fact and make the people clear about the occurrence.

To Entertain People: Mass communication plays an important role in entertaining people. Different amusement programs are carried out by different mass media like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc.

To Convey Cultural and Educational Programs: Another important objective of mass communication is to convey cultural and educational programs to the mass people. Mass media like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet etc. arrange different cultural and literary programs on different occasions and convey different educational programs on certain time interval. These programs help mass people to be cultured and educated in certain fields.

To Establish International Relation: This is the age of globalization. Now a day’s every country is to be linked with its development partners. Mass communication media are widely used by the state to present its image positively before the world through different programs. Govt. clears its stands on certain international issues by using mass communication media that show its international relation with its partners.

Facing Emergency: Mass communication is also used to face emergency situations successfully. Natural calamities, aggression, war, chaos etc. may cause huge public sufferings. In order to face such types of emergency situations, mass efforts are required. Mass communication media are used heavily to persuade people come forward to help the disadvantaged people in these situations. For example, the mass communication media in Bangladesh have played prominent roe motivating people to come forward to help the SIDR hit people in the coastal area of the country.

From the above discussion, we find that mass communication serves different purposes. For its different uses, mass communication is becoming more and more popular to mass people. There are more information about Types of Interview in Business Communication | Kinds of Interview | Sorts of Interview.

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