What is Job Application Letter in Business?

What is Job Application Letter Meaning of job application letter, Definition of job application letter, Types of Job Applications Letters -Job application may be the first important business letter after in a person has got graduation from a college or university. There is always though competition in the job market and the prospective employers will from their first impression about the job seeker from his application. A job application letter is a letter which is written by the job seeker to a prospective employer for a position is his organization. In fact, a job application letter is written to sell one’s qualities and services to an employer.

What is Job Application Letter

According to Quible and Others, “A letter of application is a message designed to inform the reader of your desire for a position in his or her organization and to request an interview for that position.”

What is Job Application Letter
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From the above discussion, we can say that a job application letter is a written appeal to an employer for a position by a job seeker. Application letters must be written from employer’s point of view (you point of view). Before writing an application letter the applicant must analyze carefully the job requirement and his own achievements.

Types of Job Applications Letters

There are two types of job application letter, such as Solicited application letters and unsolicited application letter-

Solicited Application Letter: Solicited application letters are written in response to an advertisement for hiring or recruitment. Here the job seeker knows the vacancy and can tailor his application as per the requirements of the said post. If you’re sending a solicited application letter, you will usually know what qualifications the organization is seeking. In this case, highlight the chief qualifications and mirror the requirements specified in the advertisement. You should grab the attention by focusing on the phase Proven Skills, sometimes used in the advertisement. An example of solicited job application letter is given below:

March 1, 2016
The Managing Director,
Dream Merchant Technologies Ltd.
53, New York C/A,
USA- 10001

Subject: Application for the post of Management Trainee Officer.

In response to your advertisement published in The New York Times on February 05, 20016, I would like to offer my candidature for the above mentioned port. The details relevant to the post are enclosed herewith my resume for your kind consideration.

I am looking ahead to immediate hearing form you.

Your sincerely
Michel John

Enclosure: 1. Resume
2. Photocopies of all academic certificates
3. Two recent passport size photos.

Unsolicited Application Letter: Unsolicited applications letters are written at the writer’s own initiative to the organization. Who has not advertised for recruitment? Unsolicited application letter is also called prospecting letter. But in case of writing an unsolicited letter, you have a better chance of being read and receiving individualized attention. You can gain attention by focusing on the needs of the employers and how they will be gained by employing you. An example of unsolicited job application letter is given below:

March 1, 2016
Personnel Manager,
Continental Computers Ltd.
53, New York C/A,
USA- 10001

Subject: Application for a suitable position.

Dear Personnel Manager,
New York is my idea of the perfect place to live. As a graduating senior in computer science at New York University, I am interested in pursuing my career in computers. The New York Chambers of Commerce and Industry has given me your firm’s name as a leader in this field.

The enclosed resume indicates my background in computer science and human relations. Although I am unaware of any position you might have available, I would be able to visit your organization over our spring break, April 2 through 11. Should you have opening, I would be very interested in visiting with you and taking about those positions.

I am available daily after 3 p.m. at 805956. I can be reached by mail at the address above. I would appreciate any effort on your part of contact me.

Yours Sincerely
Michel John

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