Directions of Memos in Business Communication

By | January 5, 2016

Directions of Memos or instructions of memos-The directions in which memo move indicates its functions and may affect the tone of the memo. Like other internal communications, memo can take any of three directions or instruction, such as downward, upward and horizontal.

Directions of Memos

  • Downward Flow of Memos: When memo moves to subordinates from superiors, it is called downward memo. Generally, this type of memo announces or explains policy or procedures for carrying this type of memo announces or explains policy or procedures for carrying out polices. Memo moving downward in the business may also announce new staff appointments, changes of product and service and special events within the business. Requests for information may also be made by superiors to their subordinates through downward memo. The movement and functions of downward memos are show graphically in figure. Business CommunicationDirections of Memos
  • Upward Flow of Memos: Upward communication or memos are written by subordinates to their superiors. These memos provide response to requests to superiors and convey informal reports to superiors. The tone of these memos should be more formal. The facts to be presented in these memos must be verified. Upward memos may also be the requests of superiors. The movement and functions of upward memos are shown in the figure.Flow of Upward Memos
  • Horizontal Flow of Memos: When memos move from the individuals to the individuals of same rank or organizational level, they are called horizontal memos. These memos also provide responses, convey informal report or make requests. The tone of these memos should be more informal. The functions and directions or movement of horizontal memos are shown in the figure.Flow of Horizontal Memos

So, like other internal communication methods an office memo or memorandum may take any of the above mentioned three directions or instructions. The directions of memo strongly influence the tone, content and techniques of writing memos. There is more information about What is Market Report in Business? Importance of Market Report.

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