What is Business Memo in Communication? Functions of Memorandum

What is Business Memo in Communication? Functions of Memorandum, Importance of Memorandum, Business Memo. Memo is the short form of memorandum. The literal meaning of the word Memorandum is a note to assist the memory. A memo is a shot piece of writing (short letter), generally used for internal communication between executives and subordinates or between the officers of the same level of an organization. It is also called as inter-office memorandum.

What is Business Memo

According to RC Sharma and Krishna Mohan, “A memorandum is a short piece of writing generally used by the officers of an organization for communicating among themselves.”

Rajendra Pal and Korlahlli say, “A memo is used for internal communication between executives and subordinates or between officers of the same level. It is never sent outside the organization.”

According to Lesikar and Petit, “Memorandums of course are the letters written inside the organization, although of few companies use them in outside communication.”

From the above discussion we can conclude that a memo is a short writing used between executives and subordinates or between the officers o the same level of an organization. Business CommunicationWhat is Business Memo

Importance or Functions of Memorandum

Memorandum is one of the major important tools used for internal communication. It is widely used for communicating people within the organization. It contains information on routine activities of an organization and is used for different purposes. The functions of memorandum is discussed below from different perspectives-

  • Presenting Informal Report: Sometimes memo is used to present informal report to superiors. Informal reports are usually short and informational and are presented in memo form. Findings and recommendations are presented by such memo which helps managers take proper decision.
  • Providing Suggestions and Instruction: Memorandum is very useful for proving suggestions and instructions to the subordinates. Managers and supervisors use it to give necessary suggestions and invaluable instructions to their subordinates so that they can perform their activities properly.
  • Providing Response: Memo is also used to provide response to any request made by the same. Sometimes superior requests someone to perform particular job and response is also requested to send to the undersigned through the same.
  • Seeking Explanation: Office memo is often used to seek explanation from certain person on particular issue. In the organization there may be some misunderstanding or mishap between persons and superior may want to have explanation on such event so that corrective measure may be taken.
  • Making Request: Memo is also used to make any request to different parties in the organization. it is frequently used by the managers and subordinates requesting others for attending any meeting, executing any action, soliciting favor or for some other purpose.
  • Conveying Information: Memorandum is widely used to convey information on different affairs to the people working in the organization. New policy, change in existing policy, any decision, appointment of manager, clarification, modification, announcement etc are communicated with concerned parties by memorandum. So, memo performs the function of conveying information to people within the organization.
  • Solving Problems: Memo can also be used for providing solution to particular problem. Sometimes managers and supervisors issue memo to provide necessary instructions to the subordinates for better performing their daily activities.

From the above discussion we find that memorandum performs different functions to carry out the purpose for which it is used. Actually it is used for different purposes in the organization. There are more information about What is Business Letter? Objectives of Business Letter

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