What is Business Communication? | Meaning of Business Communication

What is Business communication -business communication is a specialized branch of general communication that is specifically concerned with business activities. Generally, when communication takes place between or among parties regarding business-related functions, it can be termed as business communication. But the process, methods, types, principles etc. remain almost same with those of general communication. The basic difference lies in their areas of application.

What is Business Communication

Business communication can be of two types internal and external. When communication occurs within the same organization, it is called internal business communication and it’s related to maintaining and improving the morale of employees, procedures and prescribing methods, directing the workers, keeping the management informed and announcing policies and organizational changes.
What is Business Communication On the other hand, when communication occurs between and among people belonging to different business organizations, it is called external business communication. External communication is related to selling and obtaining goods and services, maintaining liaison with concerned parties, reporting to different parties etc. the opinions of some scholars and experts regarding business communication are given below:

In the opinion of Prof. W.H. Meaning, “The exchange of ideas, news and views in connection with the business among the related parties is called business communication.”

According to Prof. J. Haste, “Communication occurred between two or more businessmen for organizing and administering business efficiently is called business communication.”

What is Business Communication

From the above discussion, we can conclude that communication occurred in business arena for organizing and administering business activities is called business communication. More information What is Communication? or, Meaning of Communication.

Man can’t live alone. This universal truth implies that people must have companion. One of the many reasons for having companion is that people want to express themselves. Whenever, we express our expressions to others, it is called Communication. It involves two parties- Sender and receiver. There are also some other elements that constitute the Business Communication Process. Communication is pervasive in all facets of human life such as in family, society, mosque and church, club, business, stage and so on. Although the spectrum of Human Communication is very wide and pervasive, we are mainly concerned with Communication in Business. Communication is regarded as the lifeblood of Business. It serves Businesses in many ways. In fact Business Communication is a vital part of a manager’s job. This site introduces the basic concepts and aspects of Business Communication all information. There are more information about Features of Business Communication Characteristic.

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