What is Business Communication Process? | Process of Communication

What is Business Communication Process -Business Communication Process has been defined as transferring of a thought or idea from one persone or group of persons to another person or group of persons so that it can be understood and acted upon and Business Communication Process is the system by which a message goes to the sender from the receiver in an organized way.

What is Business Communication Process

According to Mr. Kreitner, Business Communication process is a chain made up of identifiable links. This chain includes sender, message, encoding, receiver, decoding and feedback.”

According to S.K. Kapur, “The Communication process is the method by which the sender transfers information and understanding to the receiver.”

so, we can define Business Communication as the method by which sender and receiver exchange necessary information. Different writers have showed Business Communication process in different ways through different models. The communication process is shown below through the modern model of communication.
What is Business Communication Process

Business Communication Process

From figure shows the Business Communication Process which contains nine elements. Sender and receiver are the two major parties; message and media are the major communication tools; encoding, decoding, response and the last element in the system in noise, which can create interruption at any stage of the Business Communication Process. Elements of Communication Process in Business explained above follow on this link.

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