Features of Business Communication Characteristic

Business Communication Characteristic is a specialized form of communication. It basically deals with business related affairs. Business people pass most of their time by directing the workers, prescribing methods and procedures, formulating business policies, selling and obtaining goods and services, reporting to different parties and maintaining liaison with concerned parties. In performing all these activities business executives adopt different form of communication that is totally different from general communication. The main features that have given business communication a distinct identity are mentioned as below:

Business Communication Characteristic

  • Specialized Branch of Communication: Business communication is a specialized branch of general communication that deals with various commercial and industrial subjects.
  • Formal Elements: Business communication is characterized by certain formal elements, such as, commercial and technical vocabulary, use of graphic and audio-visual aids and conventional formats.
  • Practical Information: Business communication deals with practical information, not factious information. It describes how to do something, explains why a procedure was changed, highlights the cause of a problem, discusses the status of a project or explains why a new equipment should be purchased.
    Business Communication Characteristics
  • Clear and Condensed Information: Business Massages frequently use tables, charts, graphs, photos or diagrams to clarify or condense information to explain a process, or to emphasize important information.
  • Formality: Business Massages are more formal and organized compared to general communication.
  • The Use of Language and Style: The language used here is direct, plain, concise, and to the point. The style concentrates on drawing attention, arousing interest or creating desire, developing conviction and inducing action.
  • Goals of Business Communication: It is done in order to carry out business goals rather than simply establishing rapport with different parties.
  • Importance of Feedback: The success of business communication largely depends on feedback gained from the target audience.

Business Communication Characteristics

From the above discussion it is clear that business communication has some important characteristics that are not found with other communication system. There are more information about Differences between Business Communication and General Communication.

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