Importance of Two Way Communication in Business

Importance of Two Way Communication process is the method by which a sender reaches a receiver with a message. Here the receiver sends back his response or reaction to the sender so that he (sender) can understand how is message is interpreted and what to do next. Feedback enables the sender to measure the effectiveness of this message. A survey finds that 64% respondents (who are subordinates) expect “good communication and feedback” from their supervisors and 60% prefer leadership. Only two way business communication can ensure good communication and feedback in the organization or elsewhere. So, the importance of two way communications in business can never be overstated. The Importance of Two Way Communication is discussed below from different angles:

Importance of Two Way Communication

Job Satisfaction: In Two Way Communication subordinates can share their opinions, suggestions, complaints and grievances with their superiors. Management can take better decisions after considering the employees. It will increase the job satisfaction of the employees and they will think themselves important for the organization. So, Two Way Communication helps to increase job satisfaction.

Democratic Environment: Two Way Communication helps to establish a democratic environment in the organization as it permits free exchange of information. In democratic environment both the subordinates and superiors get the opportunity to share their opinions without hesitation. This practice enables the managers take better decisions as they get feedback from their subordinates.

Two Way Communication

Dynamic Process: Two Way Communication is a dynamic process of exchanging message. Because here information flows from sender to receiver and receiver to sender so that an interactive relationship is established. The interaction between the parties helps to the take dynamic decisions.

Increasing the Efficiency of Management: In Two Way Communication system the supervisor and and subordinates can come close contact to each other. It helps to establish good relationship and remove misunderstanding among them. If there is a healthy relationship between the Management and labor, it will increase the efficiency of both the parties.

Accuracy of Understanding: If there is any ambiguity or confusion in the information received, it is necessary to remove the misunderstanding immediately. Two Way Business Communication solves this problem and enhances the accuracy of understanding.

Providing Suggestions: Subordinates need instructions for performing their job appropriately and superiors need suggestions from subordinates to take healthy decisions. If there is two-way communication in the organization, management can get invaluable opinions and suggestions from the subordinates for formulating plan and policies and for better decision making.

Providing Acknowledgement: In Two Way Communication system both the parties exchange information that acts as an acknowledgement of message to each other. It means that the sender sends the message to receiver and the receiver sends back his response or reaction to the sender. Here the feedback acknowledges that the receiver has received the message sent by the sender.

Complete Communication System: Two Way Communication is considered as a complete Business Communication system because here both the sender and the receiver get the opportunity to share the information or message. It is a complete communication also because it fulfills the provision of feedback without which communication is incomplete and ineffective.

Learning the Reactions of the Receiver: Two-Way Communication enables feedback and the response or reaction of the receiver can be learnt from it. Feedback may be positive as well as negative. Negative feedback may cause alterations in policies or decisions.

Implementation of Direction: Executives send different orders, instructions, and advice, polices and programs to the subordinates. If there is two way communications in the organization, subordinates can share their opinions, suggestions and criticism with their supervisors regarding these issues. It helps the manager to clarify of alter their decisions for the betterment of the organization. Moreover, employees can inform their boss about the program of their tasks from time to time. So, two-way communication ensures implementation of direction through its feedback system.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Communication: Two Way Business Communication enables the sender and the receiver to exchange their views freely and they can evaluate each others opinion. Due to feedback system in two way communication, both the parties can evaluate the effectiveness of the communication easily.

Building Healthy Relationship: In Two Way Business Communication, there is the provision of feedback that creates better understanding between the sender and the receiver. If the receiver doesn’t understand the message or contradicts with it, the sender can rectify or clarify it easily. So, it assures better understanding between them. Two Way Communication enables the Management remove industrial dispute and establish a good labor-management relationship.

From the above discussion, we find that Two Way Communication is important for so many reasons. An organization can create a congenial atmosphere through it. It can increase the efficiency of the Management and it helps to build up a good labor-management relationship in the organization. Finally, it is a complete process of Business Communication that provides feedback. So, Two Way Communication is highly essential and every organization should practice it. More information about What is Two Way Communication?

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