Structure of Market Report | Body of Report in Business Communication

Structure of Market Report is a market report has a certain structure. It is presented in a systematic format so that the readers can easily grasp the information it contains. The structure or format or different parts of a market report are discussed below-

Structure of Market Report

  • Introduction: It is an important part of a market report. The introduction of a market report includes the name of the market, address and place of the market, name of the products on which the report is prepared and the time and date of the business covered in the report.
  • Opening Speech: This part contains the comment of the reporter made on the overall market of the product. This statement helps the readers understand the market situation at a glance.

    Structure of Market Report
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  • Body of the Report: This is the most important part of a market report. It contains the detailed description of the market elements as observed by the reporter. The overall positions of the market of the commodities are explained in this section.
  • Conclusion: This is the last part of a market report. It contains the summary of the report and the recommendations made by the reporter. It also contains the remarks or comments of the person preparing the report based on the objective observation of the market.

In concluding note we can say that a market report has four important parts that shape the structure of the report. We should be cautious about the different parts of this reports as they contain different elements.

Body of the Report

The main part of a report is its body. The body of the report includes introduction, description, conclusions and recommendations etc.

Introduction: Introduction is the first part of the body of the report. The main function of the introduction is to say what the report is about, what work has already been done on the particular subject and what new grounds are covered in the present study. It should include the following items-

  • Historical and technical background of the study
  • Scope of study with its limitations and qualifications
  • Need and purpose of the study
  • Methods of collecting data and their sources
  • Authorization for the report and terms of reference
  • Definitions of special terms and symbols
  • Report preview

Discussion or Description on Major Findings: This is the main part of a report. It normally fills most of the report and contains almost all the illustrations. The main function of this part is to present data in an organized form, discuss their significance and analysis and the results that flow there form. It contains the facts found by the writer along with his comments. It may include charts, graphs, statistical tables and even excerpts from other published reports. The discussion or findings of a report can be presented by dividing into several headings and sub headings or sections and sub sections.

Conclusions: After discussion on the findings the writer of the report draws conclusions. This section describes the remarks of the writer. The function of such a conclusion. This section describes the remarks of the writer. The function of such a conclusion is to bring the discussion or description to a close. The logical inferences drawn and the judgments formed on the basis of analysis of data presented in the report or to the findings of the investigation made are presented here. All conclusions must be supported by what has gone before and nothing new should be included at this stage.

Recommendations: Recommendations present the writer’s opinions on the overall report that is prepared on particular subject matter. In short reports, conclusions and recommendations are presented combined but if the report is a long one, put them separately. Remember that it is not wise to make recommendations if you have not been asked to do so. The recommendations must be made on the basis of the findings and they must be arranged in the descending order of their importance.

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