The Scope of Business Communication

Scope of Business Communication is an inseparable feature of human life. It includes all the activities of a person form his birth to death. We cannot think of passing even a single day without any short of Communication. The scope or uses of Communication cannot be demarcated; its importance is indispensable for all. The scope of Business Communication is discussed below form different perspectives:

Scope of Business Communication

Communication in Business: Business functions throughout effectual Communication and without it business can never be run. Communication is personally related to production of goods and services, purchasing and selling, warehousing, distribution and to other business activities. The nation within and external the business organization might be communicated with proper in sequence so that day can take steps accordingly. Furthermore, Business organization is to do a few social responsibilities also. Therefore, now-a-days every large organization has a “Public Relation Department” to communicate with its environment.

Communication in Decision Making: Person or organization, each is to take decision on various issues daily. In each case, proper information is vital to make perfect decision and Communication plays pivotal role here by supplying relevant information.

Communication in Management: Communication is careful as one of the greatest weapons of Management. Each level of Management like planning, organizing, recruiting, leading, motivation, coordination and control depends on sound Communication method. Each organization, big or small, is to make plan to attain the desired goals or objectives and Management is to collect information from a variety of people and organizations to make a correct plan. Later than declaring the plan Management gives essential advice and directions to employees to carry out the plan and it is done by Communication. Co-ordination among and among different departments and branches is also brought-forth from side to side Business Communication.

Communication is social life: Human beings are gregarious and everybody in the society is related to each other. Business Communication has played vital role in this social bondage of human beings. People can share their sorrows, happiness etc. because of the presence of communication.

Communication in state life: State life cannot be run without the flow of info-communication. Business Communication plays vital role in performing the activities of different ministries, departments, divisions and offices of the state. Government maintains the functions of the state by the different modes of Communication. Every government runs a separate ministry name as “Ministry of Communication.”
Scope of Business Communication

Scope of Business Communication

Communication in international relations: This is the age of globalization and due to tremendous development in communication; the entire world is viewed as a single village (global village). Changes are taking place all over the world and in order to cope with the latest developments of the world every person, organization and state is to communicate with different quarters very rapidly. The diplomatic, economic and trade relations between and among nations in the international arena are based on effective and efficient Business Communication.

Communication in Publicity: In this world of information, every organization is keen to advertise itself through some distinctive ways. By Communicating with concerned parties an organization does publicity also.

Communication in personal life: We do various activities from dawn to dusk and we depend on Communication for doing that. Nobody can pass his/her daily life without the application of Communication. Actually it is a part and parcel of our personal life. Everybody is to communicate with different people and organizations daily.

Communication in Industrial relation: Good industrial relation that means owner-employee relation is a pre-requisite to bring success in Business. Employees are the main spring of an organization and their cooperation is a must to operate Business activities. They might be motivated and their morale might be raised and their complaints and grievances are to be handled with due consideration. To build a harmonious employer-employee relationship, the department of public relation of each organization acts closely under the directives of top Management and Communication is indispensable here.

In fine, we can conclude that the Scope of Business Communication is so widened that it cannot be expressed shortly. We find the presence of Communication in every sphere of our life. Actually Business Communication is there where information in needed and there is no person or organization to which information is not necessary. From cradle to cemetery, we find the Scope of Business Communication. There are more information about Purposes of Business Communication Objectives.

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