Advantages Of Speech In Communication Business

Speech is one of the most powerful means of oral communication which has been used to motivate people from the ancient period. As a media of oral communication speech enjoys several advantages. Some important advantages or merits of speech are presented below:Advantages Of Speech

Advantages Of Speech

Time saving

One of the great advantages of speech is that it saves time. A speaker can utter 600 to 700 words per minute. A manager can give directions to the subordinates through his short speech that really saves his invaluable time.

Money saving

Speech does not require any writing materials that may incur cost. It does not need pens, paper, typewriter or computer. For these reasons it saves money.

Persuasion and control

Speech is a powerful means of persuasion and control. Executives prefer short speech to transmit messages rather than writing everything on paper.

Quick Feedback

Speech produces rapid response or feedback from the audience. The speaker can easily understand the reaction of the audience at the time of his response or at the end of his speech.


Speech provides greater flexibility. The speaker can make any change in his speech before the delivery of speech or at the time of delivering the speech.

Suitable for All

Speech is suitable for both literate and illiterate people while other communications do not provide this advantage.

Developing Friendly Relation

Through speech the speaker can establish an informal and friendly relation with the audience by quoting some interesting points and humors.

Means of Mass Communication

Speech is widely used as a powerful means of mass communication. The speaker can send a message effectively to a large number of people in a gathering through his speech and this advantage is not available with other communication methods.

Application in Special Areas

Speech is more useful in communicating messages with groups at assemblies, meetings, seminars, etc. Senior officers can motivate the subordinates by using short and informal speech.

Complete Understanding

In case of speech, the audience can ask questions to the speaker after the delivery of his speech that helps the audience to understand the points completely.

So, from the above discussion, it is clear that speech provides various advantages to the communicators over other means of communication. For these, it is still used as a powerful means of communication even in this age of modern communication technology.

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