9 Qualities of a Good Speaker in Communication for Business

Qualities of a Good Speaker

Public speaking is really a great quality of a person, whether it is earned or learnt. The key to the success of many people in politics, business and in other areas of life lies in their ability to make effective speech but it is still unknown what made them so. A good speaker possesses many qualities some of which are born and some of which are learnt.

In a Reader’s Digest publication namely “Write better, speak better’ nine qualities of a good speaker were mentioned.

  1. “A good speaker is lively, interested, enthusiastic and vital”. He treats his audience as a group of living people and makes sure that he is keenly interested in the subject he is speaking.
  2. “A good speaker is earnest.” He does not speak just for the sake of speaking.
  3. “A good speaker has a sense of responsibility to his listeners.” He realizes that time is precious and tries to say main thing without annoying audience.
  4. “A good speaker has a sense of responsibility to others on the program.” He does not kill time of other speakers.
  5. “A good speaker has a sense of responsibility to his subject”. He does not bite of more than he can chew. He does not spread it thin.
  6. “A good speaker has a sense of leadership; he stands up tall; he talks eye to eye; speaks responsibly and with authority, as a leader should”.
  7. “A good speaker keeps his head.” He is not carried off by over-enthusiasm or over-confidence.
  8. “A good speaker tires to be balanced, same.” He always makes a balance among his activities.
  9. “A good speaker keeps his sense of humor.” He enthralls the audience with jokes and humorous talks.

A good speaker also has some other qualities like attractive personality, high social status, attractive figure, honesty, sincerity, educated, polite, etc.



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