What is Business Meeting? Purposes of Business Meeting

What is Business Meeting. Meeting is one of the major media of oral communication. In general sense a meeting is a gathering of two or more persons with the view of making decisions through discussion.

It is an assembly of people does decide on some preset issues. Definition of business meeting, Meaning of business meeting, importance of business meeting, Objectives of business meeting discuses below-

What is Business Meeting

According to Oxford Dictionary, “A meeting is an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something.”

Murphy and Hildebrandt said, “A meeting is a gathering of two or more people where purposive discourse occurs.”

What is Business Meeting
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So, a meeting is a gathering where two or more people assemble together with a view to taking some decisions on some preset issues though mutual discussion. Every organization, large or small, arranges good number of meetings on certain time interval to discuss and decide on different issues.

Purposes of Business Meeting

Meeting is one of the major media of oral communication. It is essentially important for every organization. The basic objective of meeting is to take decisions on some predetermined issues.

It has also some other purposes. The objectives or purposes or importance of meeting are discussed below-

  • Making Decisions: The foremost objective of any meeting is to take important decisions on some predetermined issue. Decisions are taken here on consensus and it is very crucial to take decisions on routine and non-routine business affairs.
  • Exchanging Information: Meeting is arranged also to provide information to the audience about various matters of the organization. Audience also exchange information in meetings.
  • Conveying Organizational Vision, Mission and Operational Plans: Meetings are also called to convey organizational mission, vision and operational plans to the newly appointed employees. Managers or heads of various departments call these types of meetings for the fresher so that they can be better acquainted with organizational culture, mission, vision, plans etc.
  • Announcing Changes: Another purpose of arranging meeting is to announce the upcoming changes brought in organizational policies, mission, vision, logo etc. before the audience. The causes, benefits and ground of such changes are explained in the meeting so that people understand and accept the probable changes without much resistance.
  • Negotiation: Meeting is also called for making negotiations between the conflicting parties through fruitful discussion. Sometimes employers and employees or trade union leaders sit in meeting together to reach on some agreement so that organizational activities can be run smoothly.
  • Resolving Conflict: In large organizations conflict among people is most common. Healthy conflict helps to increase productivity but unhealthy or undesirable conflict must be resolved immediately after found. Meeting helps the conflicting parties to reach on common understanding and thus resolving or minimizing conflict.
  • Solving Problems: An important purpose of meeting is to provide solution to organizational problems. Problems that are critical and require opinions of most of the members of a board or council must be solved by calling meeting. In meeting diverse thoughts are found that help to face problem suitably.
  • Reviewing and Informing Progress: Meeting is also called for reviewing and informing the progress of any project, plan and activity and so on. Form it the attendants of the meeting are able to know the present status of the projects and can provide their opinions to improve if there is any loophole.
  • Celebrating Success: Meetings are often called to celebrate the success of the organization, completion of any project, achievement of any award etc. it increases the organizational harmony and motivates employees to work united to achieve more.
  • Interaction with External Stakeholders: Every organization is to work with different parties of the society and it must build a long term harmonious relationship with them. Meetings are called to exchange information and to share experience with different stakeholders of an organization so that their interaction with the firm is increased.

Form the above discussion we find that meeting has great importance in business. Without it, business activities cannot be performed smoothly. In fact it serves important purposes for an organization.

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