Advantages of Written Communication in Business

Advantages of Written Communication in Business the importance of written communication in business and other field is indispensable. Every organization uses written communication to perform its daily activities. The advantages of written communication are given as below: Advantages of Written Communication and Disadvantages of Written Communication.

Advantages of Written Communication in Business

Accurate and Precise: Written Communication s more accurate and precise because it is open to verification and its authenticity can be easily challenged. Written communication is usually formulated with due care. The writer is to give serious thought to his ideas and to organize them in a precise form. He is to be accurate and factual. Therefore, written communication insists on greater accuracy and precision.

Clear Understanding: In Written Communication the receiver gets the opportunity of reading the message again and again till he properly understands it. Besides, there is less possibility of losing or missing any part of the message. In Oral Communication the receiver cannot request for its repetition if he fails to understand messages. So, written communication gives a clear and complete understanding of the message as receiver can read it repeatedly. Business Communication
Advantages of Written Communication in Business

Advantages of Written Communication in Business

Permanent Record: Written Communication acts as a permanent record of the organization and can prove very useful for future reference. For instance, previous orders and decision can serve as guidelines for future decision. Previous years’ reports are fund beneficial for formulating new polices and fixing current targets. The content of written communication is accepted as evidence in case of any litigation.

Legal Document: Written Communication (message) is acceptable as a legal document. For this reason, executives often write down oral decision as it can be legally enforced.

Wide Range of Access: Written Communication has wide range of access to the receivers (readers) as the communication media have become very fast. If the sender and the receiver are far away from each other, written communication between them.

Delegation of Authority: It is easier to assign responsibility and to delegate authority among the employees through written communication. From written message the employees can better understand their span of activities, extent of authority and the area of responsibility.

Less Possibility of Distortion: In oral communication the receiver may lose some points at the time of speech. But in case of written communication, the probability of distortion is very low because here the content of the message is written.

Creating Confidence: Written Communication crates confidence in the minds of people concerned with the message because it is permanent in nature. And this confidence raises morale and motivates people to act in full swing.

Wide Application in Some Areas: Written Communication plays vital role in some specific areas where other modes of communications are not effective at all. Organizational policies, objectives, rules and regulations, mission, directions, motivations, production methods, areas of responsibility of each employee etc. are always kept in written form. In these aforementioned areas no other type of communication is effective as it is.

Increasing Personal Image: Written Communication carries the image of the writer. If a person is not efficient and adept in oral communication, he is to prefer written communication to uphold his personal image.

Beside these, written communication has some other advantages, such as it acts as an effective control method, alternative method of communication, means of effective presentation and it is easy to duplicate etc. There are also more information about Disadvantages of Written Communication.

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