Disadvantages of Written Communication in Business

By | June 28, 2015

Disadvantages of Written Communication in Business due to some reasons written communication is not always effective everywhere as a mode of communication. The Merits of written communication and disadvantages of or demerits of written communication and Advantages of Written Communication in Business are discussed as below:

Disadvantages of Written Communication in Business

Time Consuming and Expensive: Written Communication is time consuming and expensive. A letter (written message) may take two or three days to reaches destination whereas in oral communication is message may be sent within a few seconds over telephone. Written Communication is not only time-consuming but also expensive. it is a costly process because a member of people are involved in preparing and sending out a letter from an organization and their time is definitely valuable.
Disadvantages of Written Communication in Business

Disadvantages of Written Communication in Business

Delayed Feedback: One of the major disadvantages of written communication is that it lacks in producing instant feedback. Sending to feedback time of a letter is prolonging because the receiver tries to answer the letter after he has read it. but in oral communication (telephone) the message is sent instantly and feedback is received immediately.

Lack of Flexibility: In written communication there are some formalities to be maintained and that is why no adjustment is possible after the message has been written.

Meaningless to Illiterate: Written Communication is meaningless to the illiterate people as they cannot read the message. But in oral communication, illiteracy is not a problem.

Lack of Secrecy: In case of oral communication (telephone or face to face communication), secrecy in talking (message) can be strictly maintained. But in case of written communication, it is very difficult to do so because of its inherent nature.

Lack of Personal Intimacy: In oral communication the sender and the receiver talks directly that helps them to build personal relation. But in case of written communication this is not possible because of the lack of direct communication between and among the parties.

Flattery and Exaggeration: In written communication, the sender takes the opportunity of flattering the receiver if the prior one has interest on the later one. Sometimes the sender tries to avoid others criticism by flattering and exaggerating the information in the written message.

In spite of the aforesaid drawbacks, written communication is still a popular method of communication. In real sense, the necessity of written communication needs not to be mentioned. There are also more information about Advantages of Written Communication in Business.

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