What is Inquiry Letter in Business Communication?

What is Inquiry Letter -Letter of inquiry is one of the most important types of business letters. When a buyer wishes to get some information about the quantity, price, availability etc of goods to be bought or about the terms of sale, payment etc he writes a letter of inquiry to the seller. Definition of inquiry letter, Meaning of inquiry letter, Inquiry letter definition.

What is Inquiry Letter

According to Morris Philip and Others, “The letter that seeks information concerning the goods and services from a business concern is called an inquiry letter.”

Quible and Others said, “Letter of inquiry is a type of business message that asks the recipient for information or assistance.”

In the opinion of R. V. Lesikar and Others, “Letters that asks questions or information about anything is called inquiry letter.” Business Communication

According to Gartside, “An inquiry letter asks information like catalogue, quotation, sample and cost of a product form a seller in a concise and clear way.”

What is Inquiry Letter
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So, we can define the letter of inquiry as a letter sent to the seller from the prospective buyer asking information about the price, quantity, availability etc of a product and the terms of sale, terms of payment, service etc.

Objectives of Inquiry Letter in Business Communication

Every letter has some certain objectives or motives and inquiry letter is not an exception. It is written on different occasions for different reason. Inquiry letter is written in order to carry out one of the following objectives bellow-

  • To get the price quotation of specific commodities
  • To ask for catalog
  • To know payment terms
  • To know the past records of job applicant
  • To know the credit worthiness of a firm or a person
  • To ask for folders
  • To get recommendation from former employer
  • To know the financial strength of a firm or a person
  • To know the business reputation of a firm
  • To know the transportation facility provided by the firm
  • To obtain information about social status of a person or a firm
  • To evaluate the performance of a person or a firm
  • To learn about the quality of a product
  • To know the availability of an item
  • To make request for sample etc.

Types of Inquiries Letter in Business Communication

Inquiries may be of different types based on the objective, information sought and the initiatives taken. There are generally four types of inquires letter-solicited inquiry, unsolicited inquiry, inquiry for some favor and routine inquiry letter. These are discussed below-

  • Solicited Inquiry: An inquiry made in response to the sellers advertisement and publicity is called a solicited inquiry. Actually it is a response by the buyer to the advertisement or publicity of a seller.
  • Unsolicited Inquiry: An inquiry made at the buyer’s own initiative is called unsolicited inquiry. This type of inquiry is made when a buyer wants to know anything from the seller.
  • Inquiry for some Favor: An inquiry made not about goods but some other information like special price or favorable terms is called inquiry for some favor.
  • Routine Inquiry: An inquiry made by an old or regular buyer in the usual course of action is called routine inquiry. Most of the business inquires fall in this category.

So, we find that there are different types of inquires, whatever the type is the bottom line of success of an inquiry depends upon how it is written.

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